Waterfront moodboard presented by Atlas Concorde USA
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A lighter floor creates an airier, more expansive space. A jute rug in a large room with Beacon Salt or Shore Crest helps define a seating area. The tranquil mood may be carried into a bath or kitchen with Shore Crest Cubic mosaic or Cove Breeze Apex mosaic.

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Laurie’s tips on getting a waterfront look in your home

Whether your waterfront is a coastal view or a lakeside retreat, the elements of WATERFRONT design are interchangeable because the common goal is to create a mood of tranquility and rest. White, sandy neutrals and pale blues create a sense of calm and clarity. Simple sheer textiles let in more light and open the room to a water view to steal the show.

These are just a few samples of the Waterfront look. Your local dealer can show you the colors and styles in person, then help you achieve your tranquil space.

Open mudroom with travertine-looking porcelain tiles by Atlas Concorde USA
Bright and airy mudroom featuring marble and wood-looking porcealin tiles by Atlas Concorde USA
Franklin Gray
Waterfront kitchen featuring limestone and chalk inspired porcelain tiles by Atlas Concorde USA
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