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Throw any hint of minimalist out the window to create the Bohemian style in your space. Choose items that are meaningful and loved. Select vibrant colors - remember, this is no space for neutral tones! Mix patterns, layer fabrics, and top off the look with lush plants to enrich the space. For a handmade and relaxing vibe, Boho is an excellent choice for your surfaces. Boho is patterned from one-of-a-kind cotto tiles, which inherently provide a Moroccan influence. Put it all together, and you’ll feel as if you traveled the world.

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Designer tips on getting a bohemian look in your home

When you think about Bohemian, words like “eclectic,” “carefree” and “full of life” come to mind. The same goes for this interior design style. A home with a Bohemian vibe is full of color and culture. Items purchased from traveling all over the world are proudly on display. Jewel tones are treasured. There is an abundance of plush seating or comfy ottomans. And of course, mixing patterns is key. The Bohemian philosophy is “more is more,” unlike other interior design styles. Wood, terracotta and concrete are all common surfaces in a Bohemian setting.

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Atlas Concorde USA's Bohemian look featuring Boho and Trilogy tiles.
Atlas Concorde USA's Bohemian look featuring Boho and Rooted tiles.
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