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Sharing Our Top 3 Tile Trends from Coverings 2022

The preeminent event of the tile and stone industry, Coverings, gives attendees the opportunity to experience the products and design trends that will have an impact on the design world in the years to come. The tile trends seen at this year’s Coverings 2022 exhibition and conference were no doubt influenced in numerous ways by the pandemic. For example, porcelain tile collections that evoke biophilic design are more popular than ever as customers look to extend a calming, restorative energy into living spaces. Nature-inspired colors, geometric shapes and organic textures are all predicted to have a large share of the marketplace in the years to come. And with advances in porcelain tile manufacturing methods, it’s never been easier to bring these qualities into the home and make it possible for customers to reap the health and wellness benefits of biophilic design.

Creating a connection between indoor and outdoor living spaces with stone-look porcelain tiles 

Given the emphasis on designing living spaces that create a comforting sense of place and connectivity to nature, stone-look porcelain tiles are having their moment. Designed to blur the line between a built environment and nature, select stone-look porcelain tile collections are offered in color palettes that range from light tones to dark tones, mixing warm and cool shades. Inspired by rich, untouched quartzite stone, Atlas Concorde USA’s newly debuted Element collection is offered in a matte finish for indoor applications and a grip finish that is ideal for outdoor living spaces. This technology makes it possible for designers to create a seamless design aesthetic between indoors and outdoors—a quality that we have prioritized over the last several years.  

Atlas Concorde USA Indoor/Outdoor tile Element
Atlas Concorde USA Cove Hexagon-Shapped Tiles

Imitating lines found in nature with scaled geometric shapes

2021 brought us hexagon-shaped tiles, and this year we are seeing that playfulness and energy continue with the introduction of other shapes, including triangles, diamonds and hexagons. Configured in eye-catching patterns, these trending geometric tiles capture the mathematics and logic to nature that humans inherently find appealing. Designers can scale geometric tiles to draw the eye to a particular feature in the home, such as a kitchen backsplash. Scaled porcelain tile mosaics in creamy colors can also span across a large wall or floor surface to visually break it up into small sections. Geometric tiles configured in delicate patterns can also help soften the appearance of more masculine design elements in a room, such as metal hardware, stainless steel appliances or perpendicular grout lines.

Atlas Concorde USA Cove

Drawing from the beauty of nature-inspired colors and organic materials to create comfortable rooms in the home 

With much-deserved attention turned to biophilic design, neutral-toned porcelain tile collections with organic textures can bring warmth and artisanal beauty to any room in the home. Think creamy ivory with thin scratches or a cool blue with delicate reliefs that mimics a windswept coastline. True to this nature-inspired design trend, Atlas Concorde USA’s expanded Cove porcelain tile collection blends the warm, soft look of manually spread chalk with small imperfections of handcrafted surfaces. The result is not only a room that feels comfortable, but that also fosters a nature-filled space for moments of connection, reflection and respite.  

Cheers to another successful Coverings event, and we look forward to seeing how the year’s most recognized tile and home design trends play out over time. We’ll see you on the show floor in 2023.

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