Stunning porcelain tile in an outdoor space.
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Tile with Style: Functional Beauty Outdoors with Nature-Inspired Tile

Last month, we sat down with Elizabeth Mathieson of M House Development—a custom homebuilding firm—to discuss the stunning transformation of her home’s mudroom. We explored how Elizabeth brought the inviting and durable appeal of stone-look porcelain floor tile to the high-traffic space. But Elizabeth’s not one to slow down; She continued this stunning tile transformation into her outdoor space. Given her expertise in “whole-home” design, Elizabeth again looked to porcelain tile to extend the mudroom’s welcoming atmosphere throughout the entirety of her outdoor living area.

To create a cohesive design aesthetic between the indoor and outdoor spaces, Elizabeth used the nature-inspired aesthetic of Outland in Gray, Atlas Concorde USA’s stone-look porcelain tile collection. We’re diving back into our conversation with Elizabeth to see how she brought long-lasting beauty to the mudroom-adjacent outdoor cabana with porcelain floor and décor tile.

Atlas Concorde USA: What was your overall goal for the style of the outdoor space? How did you create a smooth transition from indoors to the cabana?  

Elizabeth Mathieson: My favorite style is updated, modern traditional. I know that may seem like an oxymoron, but I love creating comforting spaces with unique finishes that surprise you. My goal for this project was to create a cohesive, modern and open feel throughout the entire covered patio, which includes the covered al fresco kitchen and seating area. The handcrafted and textural style of the porcelain tile collections acts as an extension of the mudroom. Using a large-scale format tile helped us achieve the clean, airy look we were going for. 

A. What performance qualities were most important to you when selecting the floor and décor tile for your outdoor space?

E. I was drawn to the stone-like feel and durability of Outland for the covered patio and seating area. It is great for walking barefoot and its three-dimensional gray color never looks dirty, even when it is. It’s the ideal choice for this outdoor space since it is weather and water-resistant.

Nature-inspired aesthetic of Atlas Concorde USA Outland Porcelain tile in Gray
Nature-inspired aesthetic of Atlas Concorde USA Outland Porcelain tile in Gray

A. What design qualities were essential for your vision?

E. I adore Outland’s nature-inspired character that adds visual interest and texture to the covered outdoor seating and dining areas. The tiled steps that run across the whole space are beautiful, and this collection even has the bullnose pieces to accomplish the tiled stair detail. It’s the perfect pairing. Ultimately, I’m happy with how this floor tile transformation brings the mudroom’s inviting and artisanal aesthetic to our home’s outdoor space.

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