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Five Ways to Create Nurturing Spaces

As a designer, I have always advocated that rooms which reflect our personalities and passions ultimately express their own life, while nurturing us in return. With recent stay-at-home orders across our country, never has there been a more relevant time to create spaces within our homes that nurture. Just as photos of various interiors may ignite inspiration to some and not others, these tips are meant to serve as catalysts to experiment within the confines of your own spaces. My hope is that they help you consider more intentional ways to make your home a reflection of you, which will always prove comforting.

Bathroom image referenced in the Atlas Concorde USA blog from Stephanie Sabbe Interior Design

Image is shared on Instagram @sabbeinteriordesign

Design rooms to have multipurpose uses.

The more versatile a space, the more likely you are to spend time there. Years ago, we resided in a mid-century home where the entry hall received the most beautiful morning and afternoon light in the house. Typically, an entry calls for a console under a mirror; however, in this instance, I felt a secretary for writing notes or working on a laptop was the perfect solution.

I always love dining rooms lined with bookshelves creating multipurpose as a library. One of the more creative examples I’ve seen lately is a bathroom lined with bookshelves. I personally love the thought of a relaxing bath surrounded by my favorite reads.

Coffee table image referenced in the Atlas Concorde USA blog from Matthew Carter Interiors

Image is shared on Instagram @matthewcarterinteriors

Keeping coffee table surfaces stocked with intriguing books, fresh flowers and curiosities always engages people, causing them to sit, get comfortable and linger. Consider a writing desk or a game table in a living room. Of course, if you or anyone in your family plays the piano, a living room that doubles as a music room is always nurturing.

Cozy living room image referenced in the Atlas Concorde USA blog from ASSOULINE

Image is shared on Instagram @assouline

Surround yourself with comfortable textures and interesting details.

Comfortable rugs underfoot, tactile fabrics like soft chenilles or velvets on upholstery and deliberate placement of throws enhance any living space. Bedroom linens with higher thread counts always nurture. Upholstered headboards are nice to lean against when reading or streaming your favorite show in bed. Make sure your bedside lamp is the appropriate height for reading, and remember your dimmer option for ambient lighting. Fresh flowers with a pretty water carafe and glass are also beautiful bedside touches.

Beautiful home image reference in the Atlas Concorde USA blog from Luxe Magazine

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Bring the outdoors in.

I love beautiful plants housed in interesting vessels to add texture, life and visual drama to a space. If you are considering a remodel or are building, careful placement of your windows is critical. Window sizes and placement not only have the possibility of providing your home with natural light, but they may also even showcase an amazing tree that can become an integral part of your interior design. Wood-inspired or stone-inspired tile is another way to introduce the textures of the outdoors within.

Window nook featuring a desk referenced in the Atlas Concorde USA blog from Ashley Stark

Image shared on @ashleystark Instagram account

Design home offices that inspire creativity and work as hard as you do.

Working out of the home demands a space with limited distractions where one can retreat. Being someone who works out of my home regularly, I know this very well. I find good lighting to be important, whether natural or lamp light. I love creative containers for the tools I need like colored pencils, fabric swatches, paper or my scale ruler. Convenient charging stations are a must, and fresh flowers always lift my spirit as well as my senses. If you live in a small space without a designated room for an office, you may need to become creative with desk placement. A writing desk at the foot of a bed or behind a sofa is always nice. I once saw a desk ingeniously placed in front of a hallway window not only solving a space problem, but also creating a stunning vignette.

Colorful artwork featured in the Atlas Concorde USA blog from Christian Ladd Interiors

Image shared on @christianladdinteriors Instagram account

Shower with eucalyptus featured in the Atlas Concorde USA blog from Christian Ladd Interiors

Image shared on @christianladdinteriors Instagram account

Carefully place art, collectibles and interesting objects to deliver joy within your spaces.

Meaningful objects, whether passed down within your family or collected from your travels, are the pieces that tell your story within your walls. If a piece speaks to you initially, you can be certain it will always do so. Art that moves you will always inspire, either transporting you to an energizing place or soothing you in a sea of color. Interesting objects may show up in unexpected places. I loved learning how one designer placed a ceramic garden stool in her shower as a seat and eucalyptus leaves beside it in a vase, releasing a relaxing menthol into the steam as she takes a hot shower. Talk about nurturing!

With all of these tips in mind, assess your own spaces, push yourself to edit or introduce new ways to keep yourself inspired and refreshed. The end result will be a home transformed into a nurturing sanctuary where you can share love and grow.

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