Image of beautiful entry in the Atlas Concorde USA blog from Collins Interiors
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Design a Stunning Entryway

Let’s face it, regardless the size or shape, an entry sets the tone for the rest of your home. 

The entryway is a wonderful opportunity to not only house some functional pieces of furniture and accent decor, but also create a certain mood or dramatic statement.  Whether exuding a more traditional feel of hospitality and comfort or a bolder statement to evoke excitement or curiosity, the entry lends itself to creative freedom.  When approaching the design of your home’s entry, here are five things to consider.

Step away from the predictable layout. Entries can be designed in many different ways. Some include stairways, others have long hallways linking rooms, and some are simply square or rounded vestibules with openings to rooms from multiple sides. No matter the layout, consider the unexpected. Yes, an entry is the logical area for functional pieces like a table to catch items like keys or display decorative objects. A mirror may provide an opportunity to glimpse at oneself prior to greeting a guest, and a vessel to hold umbrellas or a coat rack prove to be practical additions. However, what about considering a seating option, like the unique settee featured above, a secretary or a writing desk? If your space includes a stairwell, consider the balustrade design. You may be considering weather resistant floor covering, like porcelain tile, but that doesn’t mean it has to be void of pattern and color.

Blue wall entry with red lamp featured in the Atlas Concorde USA blog by Mark D. Sikes Interiors

Photo Credit: Instagram @markdsikes_interiors

Consider a bold color, wallpaper or grasscloth for added texture. This entry above not only features a table for display and seating, but also showcases a bold color that immediately evokes cheer and provides inspiration to those who enter. I especially love the curated mix of traditional and contemporary pieces. A red accent color is established through a trim appliqué on the wall, fabric on the settee and highlights in the ceramic lamp. A leopard print rug introduces fun pattern yet serves as a neutral backdrop for the memorable blue walls. Lighter colors will make a space feel larger, while darker colors will feel more intimate and moody.

Create an art gallery wall, introduce photography or unusual objects that serve as conversation starters. I’ve said it many times – your home is a reflection of you. The entry is the perfect place to display an art collection in the form of a gallery wall. I love gallery walls because they tell a personal story. Your story may be presented through photography of family, friends, travel, paintings and objects that inspire you. An entry with personal touches not only displays objects that inspire conversation, but also reveal the authenticity and personality of who resides there. I love how both of these entry ways layer their artwork. Notice how they’re stacked in a casual way to draw the eye deeper. The hot pink benches under the entry table are a nice surprise and the whimsical dog statue below adds character.

Gallery wall with pink benches referenced in the Atlas Concorde USA blog from Vintageluxe

Photo Credit: Instagram @vintageluxe

Entry with dog statue referenced in the Atlas Concorde USA blog from William Mclure

Photo Credit: Instagram @william_mclure

When defining the boundaries of an entry, remember that the floor is as important as the walls. The entry is a great opportunity to have a different floor finish than the adjacent rooms. Whether you choose painted wood like this entry below, or add marble-inspired porcelain tile, the entry is a space that deserves to stand alone. In fact, it’s actually enhanced when you treat it that way. Often times, the entry lends itself to architectural renovations like the spaces below. The bottom right image highlights the suspended staircase as a work of art. In the bottom image, the support wall of the staircase was opened up with windows, and the stairs and entry are now open to a cozy study. It’s always important to consider the visual axis of an entry hall. For instance, your home may have a powder room at the end of the hall that calls for a beautiful wallpaper to make a statement. Remember that the ceiling is often called the fifth wall. Painting the ceiling of the entry a dramatic glossy color is always memorable.

Left: Entry with checkerboard floor referenced in the Atlas Concorde USA blog from Bunny Williams Inc, Right: Floating staircase featured in the Atlas Concorde USA blog from Barry Dixon

Photo Credit: left, Instagram @bunnywilliams_interiordesign; right, Instagram @barrydarrdixon

Staircase with window wall referenced in the Atlas Concorde USA blog from Architectural Digest

Photo Credit: Instagram @archdigest

Hallway with palm tree dining room referenced in the Atlas Concorde USA blog from Ashley Stark

Photo Credit: Instagram @ashleystark

Lastly, never underestimate the power of lighting. The gorgeous robin’s egg blue walls in the image to the right are enhanced by the unique gold sphere that suspends in this dramatic entry. Notice the two images below featuring pedestal tables – one anchors a large overhead lantern, while the other supports a singular lamp that takes on a sculptural effect. Installing a floor outlet takes advanced planning, but is well worth the impact of an unexpected lamp. Pedestal tables also provide opportunity for eye-catching floral arrangements in artistic ceramic vessels. Remember, the entry sets the tone for your home and many times is the unifying space between rooms bridging color and mood.

Center table with lamp referenced in the Atlas Concorde USA blog from Jeffrey Bilhuber

Photo Credit: Instagram @jeffreybilhuber

Lantern over center table referenced in the Atlas Concorde USA blog from Heather Chadduck

Photo Credit: Instagram @heatherchadduck

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