Tile with Style: Atlas Concorde USA’s Boho and Cove.
Tile with Style: Atlas Concorde USA’s Boho and Cove.
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Tile with Style: Cait Pappas of @nest.out.west Brings Concrete-Look Floor Tile to Master Bath Remodel

An interior home designer, blogger and a momma of two little ones, Cait Pappas of @nest.out.west is no stranger to juggling multiple projects and responsibilities. So when Cait had the opportunity to reimagine her master bathroom, she knew she wanted to create a spa-like sanctuary that invited much needed rest and relaxation.

A vision years in the making, Cait had been saving photos of rooms with concrete floors on her Instagram and Pinterest accounts for future design inspiration. She loved how the material delivered a modern, industrial aesthetic that she could easily pair with earthy and neutral-toned design elements to bring additional warmth into the space. Confident that the highly textural flooring trend would never lose its appeal, Cait paired the sought-after aesthetic of concrete with the durability of porcelain by selecting concrete-look porcelain tile.

Once we picked our jaws up off the floor (just look at those photos!), we chatted with Cait to learn how she used porcelain tile to ground her dreamy master bath.

Q: Cait, your master bathroom renovation turned out so beautifully. Can you expand on your design process and how you source inspiration?

A: I approach projects for my own home the same way I approach my clients' projects: I scan through the images saved for a particular space on Instagram and Pinterest, and then I identify recurring trends. And when I say "trends,” that's not to be confused with "trendy" design fads. It's more about seeing what I've gravitated towards again and again in different photos that I’ve saved over the months or years. Taking this approach helps me realize what design elements, colors and materials make me happy. 

Beautiful concrete-look bathroom tile from Atlas Concorde USA
Imagine relaxing here with the beauty of Atlas Concorde USA’s Boho and Cove. Photo by Nest.Out.West

Q: You mentioned that you’ve admired concrete-look flooring for years. How does this flooring trend support your vision for the space? 

A: I was going for a modern cottage meets organic look, with a hint of industrial design. The concrete-look porcelain floor tile from Atlas Concorde USA’s Cove collection in Breeze brings in the texture and ruggedness of an industrial concrete floor, while still maintaining an organic, soft look. Since it's a neutral color, it allowed some of the more statement-making elements in the room to stand out, like the diamond mosaic pattern in the wall tile and the wood, brass and jute finishes. 

The 24" x 48" rectified edges allowed our tile installers to place the tiles so closely together that we see minimal grout lines in the floor. It creates the visual effect of having an actual poured-concrete floor.

Bathroom floor and wall tiles from Atlas Concorde USA
Cait at Next Out West upgrades this master bath with Atlas Concorde USA’s Boho and Cove. Photo by Nest.Out.West
Concrete-look bathroom floor tile from Atlas Concorde USA
Master bath paradise featuring Atlas Concorde USA’s Boho and Cove. Photo by Nest.Out.West

Q: What performance capabilities were important to you in a bathroom flooring material?

A: Porcelain tile is very easy to clean, which means I can enjoy a beautiful bathroom that’s also low-maintenance—what a luxury! Most importantly, because our children are major splashers in the tub, we needed a water-resistant flooring material. Porcelain tile checks that box. Plus, this concrete-look tile provides just enough texture and grit to prevent the floor from getting too slippery when wet. 

Q: What design tips do you have for someone looking to purchase porcelain floor tile for their own bathroom renovation project?

A: Don't be afraid to be playful with your tile choices! Consider pairing an oversized tile in a simple pattern with a smaller tile in a complementary material but with a more distinct grout-line pattern. That’s the approach we took with our bathroom flooring and wall tiles. 

I also have to say, some tiles are worth splurging for! While there are usually many ways to "get the look for less," sometimes it's worth it to put your pennies toward a quality product you've fallen in love with.

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