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Achieve Quiet Luxury at Home with Porcelain Tile

Defined by effortless elegance and understated luxury, “quiet luxury” is all about the use of elevated basics, reports the experts at Better Homes & Gardens in an article on ways to bring this trend into the home. “Think clean and thoughtfully curated interiors, neutral tones and natural materials” and versatile pieces that “add a timeless but subtle depth of character to your home,” the article continues.

Achieving quiet luxury at home can feel like a daunting task. After all, the definition of the trend itself isn’t entirely concrete. But one element that is at the core of quiet luxury is the use of high-quality materials, such as porcelain tile.

Atlas Concorde USA Beacon
Atlas Concorde USA Beacon

Nothing says quiet luxury like investing in high-quality materials

Clay-based and kiln-fired, porcelain’s composition is exceptionally dense. Because it’s pressed and fired at higher temperatures than other clay-based materials, it’s much less porous and therefore, is more durable. Thanks to its resilient qualities, porcelain tile can be employed across any surface in the home to deliver a sought-after combination of beauty and long-lasting performance. Selecting a material that will remain a staple in the home for years to come is very much in alignment with the quiet luxury trend, which emphasizes the importance of investing in high-quality pieces over trendy or flashy purchases that will need to be replaced quickly.

Choose porcelain tiles in a neutral color palette 

Quiet luxury design is also known for favoring a neutral color palette. But a pared-back color scheme doesn’t mean sitting in a cold white-on-white room; it’s all about creating a canvas to build on. Consider neutral-toned porcelain tile collections with organic textures to bring nature-inspired beauty to any room. Think milky-white, creamy ivory and warm gray tiles with intricate veins that sweep across the surface like brush strokes. The result is a space that feels comfortable and unique to the homeowner. Working with a softer color palette is also important when it comes to creating a stress-free home, which the quiet luxury trend taps into.

Atlas Concorde USA Element
Atlas Concorde USA Element collection

Achieve quiet luxury at home by remembering that less is more 

A key ethos behind quiet luxury is to take a more minimalist approach to design, remembering that less is sometimes more. To achieve a minimalist look, consider using the same tile across multiple surfaces in a room. For example, extend the same tile from floor to ceiling. Piggybacking on the ideas brought forth by the experts at Better Homes & Gardens, “avoid clutter and focus on highlighting those top, high-quality pieces” by using the clean lines and geometric shapes of porcelain tile to draw the eye to a particular feature in the room.

To lend a more polished look and feel to any space, leading tile manufacturers like Atlas Concorde USA offer rectified porcelain tile collections. A rectified tile refers to a porcelain tile that has been precisely cut to ensure that all sides are perfectly straight and uniform. The result is thinner grout lines during installation, which is a sought-after look for many. This level of care taken during the production process directly ties back to the quiet luxury trend, which promotes the use of quality, well-crafted pieces that show great attention to detail.

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Atlas Concorde USA Boho
Atlas Concorde USA Boho
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