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Three Innovative Porcelain Tile Collections: Elevating Nature's Beauty with Creative Ingenuity

Franklin, TN (April 22, 2024) – Atlas Concorde USA proudly unveils its latest porcelain tile offerings, showcasing a fusion of natural inspiration and human innovation at Coverings 2024. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of design, this year's collections—Beyond Calacatta, Beyond Dolomite, and Memory Oak—embrace the essence of raw materials while introducing a diverse palette of colors previously unseen in nature.

"The intention behind our new collections is to redefine the possibilities in interior design. We began with nature's own breathtaking materials—marble and wood—and then, through the marriage of creativity and cutting-edge technology, we transcend traditional boundaries to create new materials, not available in nature, for designers and homeowners alike," explained Federico Pifferi, Chief Executive Officer of Atlas Concorde USA. "From the timeless elegance of our expanded marble range to the stunning realism of our wood-look collection, our goal is to empower customers with an array of options that reflect their unique vision."


Beyond Calacatta embodies the most perfectly balanced marble with a surface adorned with angular, wispy veining, and a background with movement and depth. Atlas Concorde USA’s interpretation of this marble unfolds in five stunning colors, including the foundational black that inspired the collection, as well as an elegant warm gray, and three variations of whites. The collection demonstrates incredible dedication to capturing the intricate veins and background of Calacatta marble in an original, unprecedented, color palette. Beyond Calacatta tiles are available in two standard sizes (including 12” x 24” and 24” x 28”), two finishes, mosaics and a new 3D Etch wall tile, which designers can use to add complexity and visual depth to a surface.

Atlas Concorde USA's Beyond Calcatta
New Atlas Concorde USA's Beyond Calcatta porcelain tile offerings
Atlas Concorde USA's Beyond Dolomite
New Atlas Concorde USA's Beyond Dolomite porcelain tile offerings

Beyond Dolomite embodies the most delicate of marbles with subtle, linear veins and a smooth background, a passport to any style or application. Atlas Concorde USA pays homage to the elegance of this marble with an original color palette including warm white, cool white, gray, and black, that redefines sophistication and challenges all limits. The collection represents unwavering dedication to recreating the delicate veins and textures of the inspiration marble in four original variations. Beyond Dolomite tiles are offered in three different sizes (including a 12” x 24”, 24” x 28” and 24” x 24” for outdoor applications), two finishes, mosaics and decors. A new 12” x 24” field tile, which features shallow, curved grooves across its surface, can be installed on floors and walls using tone-on-tone or contrasting grout to create a statement-making look.

To celebrate the American love affair with wood as an integral part of interior design, Memory Oak features a complete spectrum of natural colors, with the soft, wavy appearance of veins and knots recreated in a smooth, pleasant-to-the-touch surface. Designers can achieve a variety of looks using the collection’s three distinct field tiles, including the standard 8” x 40” plank, a sophisticated 8x40 chevron plank mirroring the precision and grace found in the most refined wood flooring, and a uniquely grooved 8x40 Spa plank with a soothing, spa-like tranquility. Thanks to advances in manufacturing technology, the body of each wood-look tile has a subtle three-dimensional texture, which mimics the look and feel of real wood. 

New Atlas Concorde USA's Memory Oak porcelain tile offerings

Atlas Concorde USA’s new 2024 collections feature rectified edges in the 8” x 40”, 12” x 24”, 24” x 48” and 24” x 24” sizes. Rectified tiles can be installed with very narrow joints for a seamless effect. To meet demand for personalization, the porcelain and ceramic tile manufacturer is also pleased to offer a Cut-To-Order service, which gives customers the opportunity to custom design and custom cut field tile sizes and shapes to spec.

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