Why Atlas Concorde USA

Atlas Concorde USA provides a vast array of ceramic tiles and decors to help you realize your unique design aesthetic–or imagine a new one. We canvass the world in search of the palette for your next masterpiece. Inspired by natural materials like marble, stone, wood, textile, metal, and more–we go a step beyond. Freeing ourselves from the constrains of nature, we became pioneers in the style and technology that delivers something completely new.
The natural motifs that inspire our ceramic are explored in detail and reinterpreted to take the design to the next level. This passion for perfection, coupled with our innovative attitude creates products that enhance your life.
A world of good
Atlas Concorde USA is focused on providing a smarter, more sustainable choice. Composed of natural materials, ceramic and porcelain tile doesn’t require the destruction of other resources. Its unmatched durability translates to an exceptional life-cycle value. Ceramic tile provides more energy efficiency for your space, and it’s among the few surfaces that can be salvaged in a major building renovation. Tile has the lowest carbon footprint of any flooring choice because the materials used to make it are generally found within 500 miles of manufacturing facilities, dramatically reducing the energy and emissions that come from long-distance shipping.
Atlas Concorde USA is a US Green Building Council member, producing a recyclable product with low environmental impact. GreenGuard, EPD and HPD certifications are available. Our production process achieves 100% waste water and raw waste recycling. Plus 65% of its energy is self-produced.
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