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Tile with Style: Cait Pappas of @nest.out.west Brings Wall Tile Mosaic to Master Bathroom Remodel

Last month, interior design maven Cait Pappas of @nest.out.west shared her reimagined master bathroom with us on the Tile Talk blog. To create a spa-like retreat that invited rest and relaxation, Cait installed concrete-look porcelain tile across the bathroom floor and incorporated plenty of earthy and neutral-toned accents throughout the space. She appreciated how the highly textural floor tiles provided a neutral base that made it possible for other design elements in the room to stand out, like the diamond mosaic that stretched across the bathroom walls. With a look very similar to that of the floor tile, the diamond porcelain tile mosaic also captured an organic, concrete-inspired aesthetic. However, its creamy-color, subtle tone variations and delicate pattern introduced warmth and softness into the space.

Wanting to know how and why Cait decided on the beautiful concrete-inspired porcelain tile mosaic for the master bathroom walls, we picked up last month’s conversation right where it left off:

Shower and Master Bathroom upgrades with Atlas Concorde USA tile
Nest Out West floor and wall upgrades with Atlas Concorde USA’s Boho and Cove. Photo by Nest.Out.West

Q: Cait, you mentioned before that you were going for a modern cottage meets organic look in the master bathroom. Can you describe how your choice of wall tile supports your design aesthetic?

As soon as I discovered the concrete-look Boho porcelain tile collection from Atlas Concorde USA, I knew I needed to have it in the master bath. I selected the Boho Bone Diamond Mosaic, which is a perfect complement to the contemporary floor tile. I love how the subtle tone variations in the mosaic create a sense of depth without making the room look busy. The delicate pattern of the diamond mosaic also helps soften the concrete appearance of the bathroom surfaces by visually breaking the walls into small sections. Diamonds have a connotation of being more feminine, so in my mind, that femininity helps balance the masculine features in the bathroom, such as the symmetrical wood vanity with brass hardware and the straight grout lines across the floor. 

Q: What performance capabilities were important to you in a bathroom wall material?

A: During the initial design phase, I was looking for an easy-to-clean material that is designed to withstand splashes of water from the bathtub and of course, the shower. Because porcelain tile has a water-resistant surface and is grouted with a rigid filler, I don’t have to be concerned about water damage. In turn, I don’t have to worry about mold or mildew growth (which is what led to our master bathroom renovation in the first place).

Q: What design tips do you have for someone looking to purchase wall tile for their own bathroom renovation project?

A: It is OK to be bold and go grand! We took the diamond mosaic all the way up the walls to the ceiling above the shower, and then wrapped the tile behind the tub and vanity. I had never seen this design choice in any of the Pinterest or Instagram images I had saved over the years, so while part of me was tempted to play it safe, deep down I felt compelled to try something new. Now I love the feeling I get when I'm in this space. I can’t imagine having done this any other way. 

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Wall mosaic tiles from Atlas Concorde USA
Unique wall tile pattern with Atlas Concorde USA’s Boho and Cove. Photo by Nest.Out.West
Tub area shines more with Atlas Concorde USA tile
Tub area shines more with Atlas Concorde USA’s Boho and Cove. Photo by Nest.Out.West
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