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Loving the Look – Bohemian Porcelain Tile Design Ideas and Inspiration

Given the events of the past several years, it makes sense that homeowners are carefully evaluating how their home looks, feels and functions. After all, “spending more time at home with family, working and learning remotely, being more mindful of the relationship between indoors and outdoors—all of these experiences have implications for how we design (our) houses,” according to Elle Décor in a recent article on the future of residential design.

With the emphasis on creating flexible spaces that create a comforting sense of place and connectivity to nature, many are introducing earthy tones and warm terracotta colors into transitional living spaces throughout their home. A simple way to infuse cotta-warmth into an area is to install bohemian porcelain floor tiles that capture the rugged elegance of concrete. A reinterpretation of traditional handmade terracotta, bohemian porcelain floor tiles with a concrete-look empower homeowners to reimagine their home’s key transitional living spaces.

Atlas Concorde USA’s Boho collection in Bone color and hexagon shape.
Atlas Concorde USA’s Boho collection in Bone color and hexagon shape.
Atlas Concorde USA’s Boho collection in Fog and Starburst hexagon shape.
Atlas Concorde USA’s Boho collection in Fog and Starburst hexagon shape.

Arranged in Moroccan-inspired geometric patterns, bohemian porcelain tiles can help create effortless transitions across an open floor plan 

For years, open concept floor plans have been popular. But this long trending layout is not always ideal when it comes to accommodating the ever-evolving functions of our homes. Configured in geometric patterns, decorative diamond and hexagon shaped bohemian porcelain tiles can forge visual transitions across an open floorplan. A high-impact look, this creative design solution meets the need for flexible, multi-purpose living space throughout our homes while maintaining design continuity.


Bohemian-style concrete-look tiles provide continuity between indoor and outdoor living spaces

Thanks to advances in porcelain tile manufacturing methods, it’s possible for homeowners to create a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living spaces. An excellent choice for either location, porcelain floor tiles are inherently less subject to scratching, fading, staining, chipping and damaging effects caused by water infiltration. With this level of performance, a bohemian-style concrete-look tile installed across an outdoor terrace, patio or pool deck can visually match its flooring counterpart in the adjacent indoor kitchen or open living room. Plus, with subtle variations and a highly textural surface, concrete-look porcelain floor tiles bring the simplicity of natural materials to each application.

Looking to bring the bohemian-style cotto-warmth of concrete-look tile into the transitional living spaces of your own home? You’re in the right place.

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